Which Nope Character Are You?

Which Nope Character Are You?

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! Do you like aliens? Do you like Jordan Peele’s movies? If so, you are in luck, because today we are talking about the newest movie of his “Nope”. Whether you want to call it a creature feature or an alien movie, Peele’s “Nope” has struck the audiences’ interest since the moment it came out. Did you like “Nope”, or did you say “nope” to it? Either way, you might be interested in one thing. Which of this movie’s characters is the most similar to you? Take the quiz and find out!

The film tells the story of residents of a California canyon who become witnesses and participants in mysterious events. Yes, there is an alien, but it is not your usual “little creature with huge eyes” cliche. Nope’s monster resembles biblical angels more than E.T.

Like every Jordan Peele movie, “Nope” is made of layers of meanings, right there for an enthusiastic fan to peel off and explore. It is also full of hidden meanings and Easter eggs. Do you think you have spotted them all? Read on and see for yourself how observant you are! Beware of spoilers.

During his spectacle that ended so tragically for him and all the others present, we can see Jupe wearing a fancy red suit. On the back, there is a foreshadowing pattern embroidered, showing the final form Jean Jacket takes at the end of the movie. Additionally, the “Nope” poster featuring Steven Yeun shows Jupe in a cowboy hat weirdly resembling the alien creature that eventually ate him.

6:13 is a significant number in the movie. 6 minutes and 13 seconds – this is for how long Gordy the chimp’s murderous rampage went on. Jupe reveals that for the last six months, Jean Jacket arrived at exactly 6:13 to feast.

6:13 is most likely a Bible connection, referring to two notable passages: Matthew 6:13 – “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one”, and Romans 6:13 – “Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death.” Both of them discuss the temptation of evil and resisting it. The suggestion here is that pursuing fame and spectacle out of greed is the real evil.

Each title card we see in the movie is the name of an animal in it: Ghost, Clover, Gordy, Lucky, and Jean Jacket. Each of the creatures is killed by the end of the accompanying scene. The only one who doesn’t die is Lucky the horse who makes it out alive with OJ. He’s literally “lucky”.

Angel Torres, the Fry’s Electronics Store employee who becomes an accomplice to OJ and Emerald as they try to get their “Oprah shot”, is a walking biblical reference. Angel is a literal guardian angel to the brother-sister duo. He continuously offers his support and even gives OJ and Em a safe haven when they have nowhere to go. Angel is also the only one seeing Jean Jacket in a positive light, believing that its discovery will help save lives and change the world for the better.

Did you know that Jupiter’s Claim theme park website exists in real life? You can explore the various attractions online, see pictures, and even play some games, all to the tune of joyful cowboy music. However, if you stay on the site long enough, you will hear storm sounds instead of music, the website will turn a nightly shadow of blue, and all of Jupiter’s Claim will be swallowed by darkness.

Cheery descriptions will turn into cryptic messages, too. For example, in the “Theatre” section we can read “Learn all about Jupiter’s Claim, the history of the park, the handling of its animals, and the unknown secrets about the owner, Jupe. While you’re in here, who knows what horrors might be happening out there.” Creepy!

There are some references in “Nope” to Peele’s previous movie “Us”. It includes the familiar scissors seen on the desk in Jupe’s office, as well as Angel’s license plate that reads “1111” – a nod to Jeremiah 11:11 featured as a reoccurring theme.

The blood-spattered, balancing shoe has been an element of discussion amongst fans. Many people wonder: what is up with that shoe and what is its significance? Some theories suggest a mysterious alien force influencing the shoe and possibly being the reason behind Gordy’s sudden fury. Others believe that the balancing shoe is an example of a “bad miracle” mentioned by OJ – an unexplainable event caused by something evil. Another suggestion is that by focusing on the shoe, young Jupe accidentally saved his life by avoiding direct eye contact with the angry animal.

Which “Nope” character are you? Do you think you are more like OJ, Emerald, or maybe Jupe or Angel? Take the quiz and find out now! Have fun, cowboy!

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OJ Haywood, Emerald Haywood, Ricky “Jupe” Park, Angel Torres, Antlers Holst

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