Nope Quiz

Nope Quiz

Hey everyone! Have you watched Nope? We hope so because today we have prepared a quiz on this topic! How much do you know about this movie? Answer twenty questions and see how many points you can get!

Peele officially announced his then-untitled third directorial film in November 2020. Palmer and Kaluuya joined in February 2021, with Yeun being cast the next month, and Peele revealed the title in July 2021. Filming took place during fall 2021 in northern Los Angeles county, wrapping in November. The title was rumored to be an acronym for “Not of Planet Earth” or “Not Our Planet Earth” based on the movie poster, but Peele later revealed that the title refers to the reaction he hoped to elicit from audiences.

Nope premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on July 18, 2022, and was released in the United States on July 22, 2022, by Universal Pictures. It has grossed over $113 million and received praise for its ambition, performances, cinematography, and direction, although the screenplay polarized critics.

In 1998, on the soundstage for the sitcom Gordy’s Home, the titular chimpanzee animal actor attacks several of its co-stars after being startled by the pop of a balloon. The show’s youngest actor, Ricky “Jupe” Park, hides under a table and is unharmed, though traumatized by the experience. The chimp finds Jupe and extends his hand for a fist bump, before being shot dead by authorities.

In the present day, ranch owner Otis Haywood Sr. trains and handles horses for film and television productions. When he is killed by a quarter through the eye that falls inexplicably from the sky, his children Otis Jr. (“OJ”) and Emerald (“Em”) inherit the ranch. OJ tries to keep the business afloat and maintain his father’s legacy, while Em seeks fame and fortune in Hollywood. The Haywoods claim that the unnamed jockey in “Plate 626” from Eadweard Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion series of photographs was their ancestor.

Six months later, while filming a commercial with prominent cinematographer Antlers Holst, one of the horses reacts violently when the crew startles it, and the Haywoods are fired from the project. The ranch’s financial woes have forced OJ to sell horses to Jupe, who operates the nearby Jupiter’s Claim, a small Western theme park where he exploits his story of the Gordy’s Home massacre for profit. Jupe offers to buy the ranch from the Haywoods, an offer which Em encourages OJ to accept. That night, the Haywoods notice their electricity fluctuating and their horses vanishing and violently reacting to an unknown presence. They discover an unidentified flying object (UFO) shaped like a flying saucer that has been devouring their horses and spitting out any inorganic debris, which caused their father’s death. Motivated by a desire for wealth and fame, the siblings decide to document evidence of the UFO’s existence and recruit Fry’s Electronics employee Angel Torres to set up surveillance cameras. Electrical interference from the UFO and a praying mantis on one of the cameras prevent them from getting clear footage, but Angel notices a nearby cloud that never moves. They deduce that it is the UFO’s hiding place.

Jupe introduces a live show in Jupiter’s Claim and plans to use a horse as bait to lure out the UFO, having fed it the horses he bought from the Haywoods, in front of a paying audience. The UFO arrives but devours Jupe and the entire audience. OJ deduces that the UFO is not a spaceship, but a predatory, territorial creature that eats anything that looks directly at it. Utilizing similar methods to those used to break and train horses, OJ believes they can influence the creature’s behavior to capture footage of it without being killed. Dubbing the creature “Jean Jacket”, the Haywoods decide to hire Holst for assistance. Holst initially refuses but eventually reconsiders after hearing about Jupiter’s Claim incident.

To circumvent Jean Jacket’s effects on electronics, Holst brings a hand-cranked film camera to capture footage. With Angel, the group works out a plan to bait out Jean Jacket and watch a field of scattered tube man props for electrical malfunctions to deduce its location in the sky. However, a TMZ reporter trespasses onto the field and is thrown from his electric motorcycle when it shuts down near Jean Jacket. He is devoured by Jean Jacket while begging OJ to film the event. Though Holst captures footage of Jean Jacket, he lets himself be eaten along with his camera, forcing the remaining three to flee. Angel survives an attack from Jean Jacket by becoming entangled in a tarp and barbed wire, causing the creature to unfurl from its saucer shape to a jellyfish-like form.

OJ lures Jean Jacket away from Em, while she rushes to Jupiter’s Claim on the motorcycle and untethers its giant balloon mascot. She uses an attraction’s analog camera to photograph Jean Jacket as it flies overhead and attempts to eat the balloon, which explodes and seemingly kills it. With the picture as proof of the creature’s existence and reporters arriving nearby, Em sees an unharmed OJ ride to Jupiter’s Claim.

How much do you know about Nope? Are you able to score the maximum number of points in our quiz? Answer twenty questions and see for yourself now!

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