The Mole Trivia Quiz | This 100% Reliable Quiz Tells You

The Mole Trivia Quiz | This 100% Reliable Quiz Tells You

Are you a fan of The Mole? Did you enjoy Netflix’s revival of the series? Last week in an exciting finale, we finally learned who the saboteur was. With the season ending, do you believe you know a lot about The Mole? Test your knowledge in this fun The Mole trivia quiz!

If you think about it, The Mole is a bit like Squid Game, but thankfully with much less blood. Do you wish to learn which Squid Game character are you?

The Mole on Netflix

What is The Mole? In this show, the players compete in challenges to win the money prize. The thing is, one of them is there to sabotage their efforts in secret. It is up to other contestants to discover who the Mole is.

The twelve contestants participate in various challenges which require them to work together to escape from a place, or find hidden riches. The players get everything if they win the challenge. One of them, though, is a producer’s mole, installed to undermine the other members of the team and deplete the cash over time.

Did you know? The Daintree Rainforest, where the first challenge took place, is part of the Wet Tropics Rainforest, the oldest in the world!

It’s easy to get very thirsty in the jungle. See if you are dehydrated!

Joining the cast of The Mole is not an easy task. Potential players have to prove they are the right choice. Each candidate has to undergo a background check.

Are you smart enough to potentially join the cast? Discover your IQ level.

How is the Mole chosen?

The producers narrow their choice to ten people and pick the saboteur from this assembly. The decision they make is vital – they have to choose someone good at deception.

If you watched the reboot closely, you might have spotted some hidden clues suggesting the identity of the Mole to observant audience members. Have you noticed any of them?

Do you think you are smarter than a school-age child?

In the first episode, there was a Colombian flag on the side of the plane in the jungle. You could also see numbers 0-6 160. The saboteur of this season, Kesi, graduated from Columbia University. The numbers represent her height and weight.

After the bank heist, the group arrived at the bar, where you could see a bottle of Kentucky bourbon from 1994 on the shelf. Kesi was born in Kentucky in 1994.

Kesi’s full date of birth – October the 14th, 1994 – was hidden in a plain side as a number 19941014 on the pizza box during the Avori’s rescue mission.

Did you spot the number 42276 on the bomb during the food bomb mission? It’s a zip code of Kesi’s hometown, Russellville.

Gosh, now it really seems like it was so obvious! Did you pay attention to any of these details while watching the show?

YouTube video

The contestants

How much do you know about the contestants? Are you positive you could answer the questions relating to them correctly?

As you already know, Kesi grew up in Kentucky, but currently, she resides in New York. She’s a software developer and used to be one of the top ten associates at Goldman Sachs! Kesi loves traveling and adventures. She’s been to Mexico and Hawaii.

Did you know that Casey used to be a teacher in Japan? She was also a recruiter in Silicon Valley, and during the height of the pandemic, she worked as a Covid nurse in the ICU. Casey is an amazing athlete, too. She finished the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, which starts with a swim from near Alcatraz Island, followed by a run and a bike ride through the hills of San Francisco.

Dom works at a factory and doubles as TikToker. You might not know this, but he works in freezing temperatures every day moving the boxes of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Australia must have been a nice change!

The host for the Netflix revival was Alex Wagner. She is an American journalist, news anchor, and the host of Alex Wagner Tonight. She is biracial with a white father and an Asian mother, and she wrote a book about trying to learn more about her roots and the history of her ancestors.

You might know that the third season of The Mole had celebrities as participants instead of regular people. However, what you probably don’t know is that the fire in the Los Angeles studio almost destroyed all the tapes! The tapes were soaked by the water coming from fire hoses, but fortunately, it was possible to retrieve them.

The participants that season was: the comedian Kathy Grifin, the model Frederique van der Wal, the actor Stephen Baldwin, and the actress Kim Coles, among others.

Are you ready to test your knowledge? Go on and take our trivia quiz about The Mole! Do you think you can score the perfect result?

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Which one of the contestants is a firefighter?

This one is easy, right? Jacob is the firefighter from Ohio who also has a side job as an actor.

Who took the cargo from the plane in episode 1?

It was Will! This revelation surprised other contestants and made many of them suspicious of Will’s motives.

What nasty thing did the contestants have to drink in episode 5?

The contestants had to drink apple cider vinegar and pretend like it’s nothing. Could you do it?

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