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Spatial Intelligence Test
Linguistic Intelligence
Your asset is the ability to operate a written and spoken language. Reading and writing are probably your favorite activities, likely also debating and public speaking. You know how to analyze information and concisely explain things. A good career choice for you would be a writer, journalist, lawyer, teacher, or public speaker.

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Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
You know how to recognize patterns and solve logical issues. You enjoy thinking about abstract ideas and making analytical calculations. People like you are good at reasoning, scientific experiments, and problem-solving. A good career choice for you would be a computer analyst, mathematician, accountant, statistician, or engineer.

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Spatial Intelligence
Your strength is visual and spatial perception. You have an excellent awareness of space and are good with directions, even without maps. You can recognize patterns and notice fine details. Observational skills are your strong suit. A good career choice for you would be an architect, pilot, surgeon, graphic artist, or interior decorator.

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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Your asset is operating your body to perform actions, build things, and solve problems. You have excellent motor control and physical coordination. Those like you know how to achieve a perfect union between the mind and body. A good career choice for you would be a dancer, athlete, mechanic, sculptor, or actor.

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Musical Intelligence
Rhythm and music is your strength. You can easily recognize sounds, musical patterns, pitches, and tones. You have a strong appreciation for music and composition and a rich understanding of melodic structure and notes. A good career choice for you would be a musician, composer, singer, DJ, or conductor.



Spatial intelligence – what even is that, and do I have that? Read on if you’re into the answers to these questions. We have a feat for you today. Take this test and discover what kind of intellectual prowess you possess.


Types of intelligence

If asked whether you’re cognitively gifted, you might feel the need to self-deprecate and say: “me, I don’t have any of those!” However, that’s not true. We all have strengths: some know how to solve logical problems, and others can spin imaginative stories. There are people who can move their bodies in insane ways and those who similarly work out their minds. Which one could you be?


What kind of intellectual strengths do you have?

Spatial thinking

How to understand the concept of spatial intelligence? Trying to load a dishwasher or figuring out how to fit all that pesky luggage in your truck – it all involves spatial reasoning. A keen sense of direction is also related to that concept. If you’ve ever got frustrated trying to follow directions or give your own, you’ll understand how essential it is.

Every mobile being must know how to navigate the space around them and understand how the shapes and objects work. It’s how we survive in this world, after all! An architect has to utilize spatial thinking to design a house. You have to do the same not to get lost en route to a destination or to operate your computer (or any other tool). These are the fundamentals of spatial intelligence.

Are you scared of Pitagoras?

How to improve spatial reasoning?

Good news for those who believe themselves to be lacking in that area! Research suggests that with enough practice and effort, you can strengthen your spatial cognitive skills if that’s your goal.

It’s time to join your kids in building Legos. According to studies, those kids who play with blocks or solve puzzles have more sophisticated spatial abilities than their peers who don’t. You can benefit from these activities as an adult, too. Plus, playing with Legos or trying to complete a puzzle is fun.


How about becoming a chess master for something more intricate? To win at chess, you need to learn how to strategize. You imagine how the game will unfold on the board. You train your spatial skills and can feel like the Queen of Gambit at the same time. Sounds neat?

Analyze your IQ and see if you’re the smartest person in the room!


Have you heard about mind palaces? It’s a classic memory aid that helps you remember things by connecting them with specific locations. How does that work? You pick a place you’re intimately familiar with (like your house or neighborhood) and link the numbers, concepts, or other items you want to memorize to individual spaces as you walk through that place in your mind. It’s a fantastic methodology to remember the entirety of your grocery list or the list of characters in the most obscure TV show ever. If that’s what you want in your mind, of course. The memory palace method teaches you to recall and recount your spatial knowledge.


When did you last plan a trip without using Google Maps or similar tools? A while ago, probably. Ditch the GPS and try to plan a path the old-fashioned way next time you need to go somewhere. What a challenge when all you have is the knowledge of your local area in your head. It will get your brain moving and might come in handy when stranded on the side of the road with no internet access.


If you like to kick back with a video game, you’ll be happy to learn that’s yet another mode of training your spatial intelligence. Video games require planning and problem-solving skills, visual and motor coordination, and the ability to manipulate objects. If you intend to challenge yourself, some genres are more effective than others – for example, action, driving, maze, and puzzle games. Aspiring architects will benefit from building games like Minecraft, as it allows them to flex their creative muscles.

As you can see, there are ways to boost your spatial perception skills while having a good time. Remember that you don’t have to be flawless at everything. Everything is a-okay as long as you enjoy learning new things and improving yourself!

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How are your neurons moving? See what kind of intelligence you excel in. Take on the challenge and evaluate your spatial abilities with our quiz! Good luck!