Is Your Boyfriend Holding You Back? | 100% Honest Quiz

Are his needs more important than yours in your relationship?

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Does he always doubt you and your abilities?

Does your boyfriend share your enthusiasm when you get excited about something?

Does your boyfriend enjoy your successes?

Are your plans and ideas always rejected by him?

How do you think your boyfriend would react if you wanted to go on a trip without him?

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Do you feel that you are the one in the relationship who is making compromises?

Do you often think about breaking up with your boyfriend?

Does your boyfriend approve of your friends?

Do you feel that you are sacrificing too often for him?

Does your boyfriend show that he cares?

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For example, he buys you flowers, gifts, makes surprises, takes you on dates.

Does your boyfriend motivate you?

Are your plans for the future together constantly being put off?

Do you think your life would be more interesting if you were not in a relationship with him?

Does your boyfriend make all the decisions in your relationship?

Does your boyfriend support your interests and passions?

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Are you satisfied with your life?

Do you find your relationship boring and monotonous?

Does your boyfriend have trust in you?

Do you feel that you are fully yourself when you spend time with your boyfriend?

Is Your Boyfriend Holding You Back?
Yes, your boyfriend is holding you back. For more information and advice, go back to our article.


No, your boyfriend is not holding you back. Everything is all right.



Are you still not bored with the topic of love and relationships? We hope so, because today we have prepared another quiz for you on this topic! If you are in a relationship, be sure to take our new quiz about commitment. Is your boyfriend holding you back?

Holding Back Meaning

As usual, we will start with a careful analysis of the meaning of words. Because what does it really mean that someone is holding you back? In the general sense of the phrase, it means that someone is stopping you from doing something. However, if we are talking about relationships, this phrase can take on additional meaning.

Relationships have different phases. It takes time and readiness of partners to reach the next phase of a relationship. When one of the parnter is not ready, he or she may hold his or her beloved back. Such situations often happen, as each of us may need a different pace. Some people need more time to be able to commit. It all depends on their individual situation.

Sometimes, however, prolonging this can lead to conflicts that the relationship cannot withstand. There are some people who just can’t commit and then we have to make a choice. Is your boyfriend holding you back? And what reasons does he have for doing so? Let’s find out today!

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Why is my boyfriend holding back?

When your partner doesn’t get involved enough in your relationship, you may then feel like your life is at a standstill. Perhaps you would like to take the next step in your relationship or in your life in general, but you feel that your boyfriend is holding you back from doing so. Why is this happening? Why doesn’t he want the same things you do? Let’s explore the reasons for holding a partner back.

Lack of commitment

As we mentioned, relationships have different phases and sometimes partners may not be ready for the next step. Perhaps you would already like to introduce him to your parents, move in together, get engaged or have children, but he doesn’t want that yet and hence you feel stopped. If this is your situation, then everything is probably fine.

Differences in readiness often happen, and then you need to give your partner time. However, if you feel that you are already waiting too long, then talk to your partner about it. Get your boyfriend’s opinion, find out what his reasons are and when he anticipates his readiness. Perhaps you want something different from life and the time has come to work out this problem.

Remember that you always have a way out – you can stay in your current relationship and accept the situation or break up and find someone who will give you what you want. Yes, this is a very difficult decision to make, so it is worth thinking everything through carefully, specifically what you actually want from life and what is more important to you.

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Need for control

Another reason is no longer normal and healthy. When your partner stops you from doing something because he wants to control you, it is a toxic relationship. Partners should first and foremost support each other in their life choices and dreams. If you feel your boyfriend is stopping you from things like pursuing a career, meeting new friends, trying new things and generally enjoying life, that’s not a good sign.

In a healthy relationship, you should feel motivated, supported and satisfied with your life. If you don’t feel that way, it means something is wrong. But it’s worthwhile, as always, to analyze the situation carefully, because it doesn’t always have to mean that your boyfriend is overly controlling.


Mental problems

Perhaps your boyfriend stops you from certain things because he is afraid of losing you. As you devote more time to other people and activities, your partner may feel lonely. But if you’re also making time for him, and he still feels insecure, it’s worth working on trust. The reason he stops you may be his mental problems.

Not only anxiety, but also when depression appears in a relationship, it is a big challenge for partners. Then the whole dynamic of the relationship changes and not everything is as it should be. That’s when it’s best to spot the problem as soon as possible and get your partner the right therapeutic help.

Another psychological reason is that your boyfriend is not open-minded. Some people are just like that. Such people don’t like to try new things, are very stubborn and may impose their opinions and way of life on others. Being in a relationship with such a person, you may feel stopped. Then it is worth learning assertiveness and how to live with such a person without submitting to him completely.

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Signs that he is holding you back

As you can see, the reasons for holding someone back can vary. It is worth knowing them so that you can understand your partner and solve the problem properly. On the other hand, what should you watch out for? Are there any signs that your boyfriend is holding you back? Take a look at our list and analysis of these factors.

  • He doesn’t support your interests
  • He stops you from seeing other people
  • You keep making sacrifices for him
  • He does not enjoy your successes
  • His needs are more important than yours

These main signs may indicate that he is holding you back for some reason. If he doesn’t support you enough and you feel like he’s controlling you, it’s better to confront it with him. However, perhaps the biggest cause of this is you? Perhaps you are just a people pleaser and have learned that you should always put the needs of others above your own. If you are in a codependent relationship, you will not be happy. Remember that your needs are just as important as his.

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Therefore, always take care of your happiness and satisfaction with life. Do what makes you happy and remember that your boyfriend doesn’t have to participate in every part of your life. Each of us must also have something of our own, a passion, an interest, friends. You are in a relationship, but you are also individuals who may have different needs. When you learn to live with your differences, you will create a wonderful and healthy relationship.

Is Your Boyfriend Holding You Back?

Now you’re ready to take our Is My Relationship Holding Me Back quiz, because if it turns out that your boyfriend is really holding you back, you know how to deal with it. A little reminder – first analyze the situation and get his perspective. That way you’ll know his reason why it’s happening, and once you know the reason, you’ll know what to do about it. Such problems in a relationship are better not ignored, so don’t be afraid to know the truth!

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How many questions does this quiz have?

This quiz has 20 special questions.

Is this quiz only for girlfriends?

If you’re a boy and want to find out if your girlfriend is holding you back, just switch pronouns.

If a relationship is holding me back, is it better to end it?

It depends on the situation and your partner’s approach to the problem.