How sexy are you?

What is your best physical trait?

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Do people ask you out on dates often?

On a scale from 1 to 10, where would you put yourself when it comes to attractiveness?

How do you behave around attractive people?

Would you say you have a lot of confidence?

Are you comfortable being naked?

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Are you good at flirting?

How would you react to a stranger complimenting you?

How do people usually react to you walking down the street?

Do your friends call you hot, sexy, beautiful, attractive, etc. often?

Do you like to look at yourself in the mirror?

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How would you describe your everyday style?

Are you the most attractive person in your friend group?

How would you describe yourself?

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror?

How good are you at leading an interesting conversation?

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How many things about your appearance do you like?

What kind of clothes do you feel sexy wearing?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you think you could look good in anything you wear?

How sexy are you?
You are indeed very sexy! You feel confident in your own body and are not afraid to show it. You like being sensual and flirtatious, and you have a healthy relationship with your sexuality. Your sex appeal lures people in, and you know how to keep them coming for more.


You are quite sexy if you allow yourself to be. Maybe you struggle with low self-esteem or negative body image. These issues can hinder the way you feel and present yourself to others. Once you go past it, all eyes are on you and your wild side comes out! Roar!


It doesn't seem that you're in touch with your sexy side. Perhaps you just don't see yourself that way. It's okay if you're fine with it. If you're not, try to work on loving yourself and being sensual, alluring, or maybe even a little bit spicy.


You are not sexy, and you're most likely not interested in being sexy, seductive, or any of those things. You have more important things to do in your life, and that's okay! As long as you feel good in your own skin, nothing else matters.



How sexy are you? You ask yourself that question, but you just can’t be sure. You get some compliments here and there, but does it mean you’re hot? Don’t think about it any longer – our quiz will help you find the answer!
How to be sexy? It’s more about feeling hot without the need to do something for other people. There are some ways to validate your sex appeal without appealing to what others find hot. Find your sexy confidence with these tips!
Do you have sexy lingerie that you only break out for special occasions? Try wearing it on a normal day. It can give you that boost you need to feel sensual and hot. If you don’t have any lingerie, perhaps it’s time to buy some! Do it for yourself – you don’t need a partner to feel good.
While we’re talking about clothing: what about that sexy dress in your closet? You most likely don’t wear it often enough. Dress up in something that shows off your assets and makes you feel sexy and confident.
Why don’t you try exercising? It’s not only beneficial for your health, but it helps relieve stress and make you feel good about yourself. If you have issues with negative body image, try yoga – studies suggest that practicing yoga regularly leads to an increase in confidence.
When was the last time you went to get a massage? It helps release the so-called feel-good hormone, oxytocin, which gives your brain a little pick-me-up. Additionally, massage dissolves stress and worries. We know nothing hinders feeling sexy like stress and anxiety!
Some people like to strut around their place naked. Are you one of them? If not, perhaps it’s time to change it. Make it a point to be naked for a prolonged time and to pay attention to your body. It can be tricky if you don’t live alone, but try to find times when no one else is around. At the very least, get naked in the privacy of your own bedroom. It will help you get comfortable with your body and connect with your sexuality in a unique way.
Attempt to check your posture throughout the day and adopt a “power pose” – that is, your head up, shoulders, and back straight. This can make you feel more confident and sexy.
Get in touch with your sexual fantasies. Read a sexy novel, watch some erotica (or straight-up porn, if that’s what you’re into) or play some sensual music. Let your imagination run free. Be with yourself for a minute. If you feed your sexy side, it will help you feel hot.
Do something you don’t usually do. There are so many options to explore. Maybe take a trip to a new place, or try eating at a restaurant you normally wouldn’t go to. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things will boost your self-esteem and help you feel sexy.
Take a break from the internet, social media, and your phone. You might think: how this is related to being sexy at all? But unplugging from the virtual world will help you release stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. This in turn will affect the way you look and feel about yourself – positively, of course.
If you struggle with feeling sexy and desirable, it might be hard at first to feel sexy without effort. However, if you keep our tips in mind and work on your confidence and self-esteem, you will eventually get there.
Did you know that your sense of humor can make you sexy? Humor is attractive to both men and women but in different ways. Women tend to prefer guys who make them laugh. On the other hand, men usually prefer ladies who laugh at their jokes. Either way – funny is sexy.
What you talk about matters when it comes to you being perceived as sexy. Emotional, intimate information exchanged increases the chance of a meaningful connection and attraction. That said, when a woman is very attracted to a man, it’s not really important what the content of his pick-up lines is.
Your personality also matters. People who are organized, agreeable, and principled, make for good partners and spouses. On the other hand, those who are disagreeable and non-conscientious have more sexual partners.
Researchers reporting in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science have some interesting findings. Men who prefer a quieter dating lifestyle are better at recognizing how attractive they are to potential dates than men who prefer a more stereotypically male dating lifestyle — a desire to play the field and have more casual sex. Similarly, women who conform to the traditional female dating character of comfort and trust are better at judging their attractiveness than less-stereotypical ladies.
What do you think, how sexy are you? If you don’t know, take the quiz and don’t wait for your answer any longer! Have fun and good luck! Remember – “sexy” is the state of mind!