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How do you listen to music most often?

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Do you like ballad type songs?

Which of these band names do you think is the best?

Do you think dreams come true?

Has anyone ever told you that you are rude?

What do you think a good song should be?

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What is music to you?

Who would you like to be in a rock band?

Which of these characteristics fits you best?

What is your favorite music genre?

Do you prefer modern music or music from the old days?

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What is more important to you?

Can you sing?

Which of these characteristics fits you best?

Can you write songs?

Which of these characteristics fits you best?

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Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

Would you like to be someone's muse?

Do your parents support your interests and life choices?

Which of these teams do you like best?

Which Daisy Jones And The Six Character Am I
Daisy Jones
You're just like Daisy Jones!


Billy Dune
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Warren Rojas
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Karen Sirko
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Welcome! What will be the today’s topic? Series? Books? Or maybe both? This is hard to determine, because today’s topic is Daisy Jones & The Six, which is a TV series released based on a book. Have you already watched or read it? Take our Which Daisy Jones And The Six Character Am I quiz and find out more about Daisy Jones & The Six!

Daisy Jones & The Six

Everyone is talking about this series and book, on TikTok it has become a very popular topic. Let’s first introduce everything you need to know about the book. The author is Taylor Jenkins Reid, who has also written other book hits like The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Taylor is an American writer who creates great stories inspired by true events. Daisy Jones & The Six was also based on a true story, but we will mention that later also stay tuned.

The story is about a world-famous rock’n’roll band, who are preparing their last performance in their career. They have thousands of fans, so no one knows why the band is breaking up. We are slowly being led into this mystery. The relationships between the band members are complicated, and everything takes place in the wonderful atmosphere of the 1970s. This 2019 book was so well received that a TV series with the same title was based on it.


So far, viewers are delighted with the choice of cast and costumes, as they perfectly capture the atmosphere of the book. However, some of the plot information may be a little different, as the screenwriters decided to improve the story a bit. Often such measures are introduced when a film or TV series is made based on a book. This is because book and television are completely two different forms of reception, and some changes significantly affect the viewing experience.

In the book Daisy Jones & The Six Pete was the bass player in the band, while in the series they put his partner Camila in the band. That’s one of the things that was changed, in addition to the fact that Daisy, the singer, also received much more attention in the series. The screenwriters developed the plots of these women by showing more of their plans and ambitions.

Therefore, it is worth both reading the book and watching the series. The lead roles are played by Riley Keough (Daisy Jones) and Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne), but we will see other characters on screen. The partner of the singer of The Six, is played by Camila Morrone. The creators of the series have, of course, also carefully approached the subject of music.

The songs were so well done that the TV series’ not-really-existent band Daisy Jones & The Six became popular on the iTunes platform. Its songs are breaking popularity records. No wonder, since real and experienced musicians worked on the production and lyrics of the songs. If you want to watch the series, it is available on Amazon Prime Video. So don’t wait any longer, watch the available episodes and take our quiz about the band members!


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Daisy Jones & The Six real story

Daisy Jones & The Six team known from the book and TV series is an invented, fictional team. Both its name, members and songs are developed to tell a story. On the other hand, some similarities can be found between this band and a certain real band that had a similar story. Do you want to find out what kind of band Daisy Jones & The Six represents? If you’re a fan of music history, you’ve probably worked it out for yourself.

The story of Daisy Jones & The Six resembles the fate of the legendary group Fleetwood Mac. The band sold millions of records worldwide. Its member was Stevie Nicks, a charismatic singer who joined the group with her partner, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, in the 1970s. So both the popularity of the band, the members and the setting of the story in time agree.

Stevie and Lindsey had known each other since high school. At the time, the man played “California Dreamin'” on the school stage, and Stevie joined him. Thus began the history of Fleetwood Mac. Do you like their songs? Even now they are very popular and are gathering more young fans. The group’s most famous album was called “Rumours,” which can also sound quite similar to the band’s album “Aurora” from the show.

Relationships between the members of Fleetwood Mac were also complicated, and the band also suddenly suspended activities, which astonished its fans. These similarities may not be coincidental. However, the author does not provide a true biography of what happened in Fleetwood Mac. She only makes conjectures based on their history and shows them on the basis of an interesting story. Did this interest you enough? If so, be sure to read the book or watch the series!

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Members of Daisy Jones & The Six

Including vocalist Daisy, the band has seven members. The characters are very interesting and have well-developed psychological profiles. This influences the realism of the novel or series, as it realistically depicts what could have happened in the 1970s. Do you want to meet the members of Daisy Jones & The Six? Here they are:

  • Daisy Jones
  • Billy Dunne
  • Graham Dunne
  • Karen Sirko
  • Warren Rojas
  • Eddie Roundtree
  • Camila Dunne/ Pete Loving

Here are all the members of the Daisy Jones & The Six band. Leading the way, of course, are vocalists Daisy and Billy. Daisy is a very creative woman who not only sings but also creates songs. She is intelligent and values her individuality.

She does not like the notion of a muse, which has often appeared in the music industry. She doesn’t want to be a muse because she thinks it dehumanizes her. She says openly that she is someone and has something important to share, and she does it through music. Actress Riley Keough played the role of Daisy superbly. Interestingly, she is related to Elvis.

Billy, on the other hand, is Daisy’s partner and also writes songs just like her. He is charismatic and sensitive. His love for Daisy was really difficult for him at times, as he himself admits. Their relationship was intense and passionate, as well as full of conflict. He was played by actor Sam Claflin.

In addition to these characters, we also have Graham, who is Billy’s younger brother. He plays guitar in the band. He, like the other members, is also very passionate about music and treats it not just as entertainment, but as a spiritual experience. This character is played by Will Harrison.

Karen is another guitarist who adds feminine energy to the band. For the world of music is also dominated by men, as she herself often points out. Suki Waterhouse plays her character. Warren is the band’s drummer. He is this funny and cheerful character who adds positive energy. For him, a career in music is an adventure he wants to enjoy. He is played by Sebastian Chacon.

Then we have bassist Eddie, who doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. He is an individualist, and doesn’t like the pursuit of money, which was a popular opinion in the 1970s, when people were beginning to defy social norms. There is also Camila, who is given more attention in the series than in the book, as she is a member of the team.

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Which Daisy Jones And The Six Character Am I

Now you know everything about both the book and the series. That’s why you can take our personality quiz. Find out which member of the team is most like you. If you haven’t watched the series to the end yet, you don’t have to worry, because our quiz doesn’t contain spoilers.

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