Am I Smart Quiz | 100% Honest Answer

Am I Smart Quiz | 100% Honest Answer

Today we have another interesting quiz for you! Do you want to find out if you are really smart? With the help of your answers to twenty unique questions you will be able to know the truth. First, as usual, we will analyze the topic exactly, what does it really mean that someone is smart? There are many types of wisdom and this is what we will look at today. So take our Am I Smart Quiz free!

What does it mean to be smart?

We colloquially refer to someone as smart in various contexts, and the meaning depends on them. For example, someone answers a difficult question correctly – this can give the impression that he is generally wise. However, answering only one question correctly does not mean wisdom as such. After all, a person may be very smart and knowledgeable about dinosaurs, but an easy mathematical equation will no longer be solved. Is this person then wise or not?

People can be smart in one category and not in another. But there is such a thing as general intelligence, which is a collection of different categories and skills, and on this basis specifies a person’s general wisdom. It is on this basis that we developed our test, but we also made sure that your particular skills are not left out. 


Types of smartness

As we wrote, there are different categories in which people can be smart or not. We will present some general types. You can think about which area you know the most, and which type gives you the most trouble. Remember that each of us has some weaknesses and it is impossible to know everything. Even the smartest and most intelligent people know little in some area.

Self-awareness and self-knowledge

You may be surprised by this particular type. After all, we supposedly know ourselves best, so why should that imply wisdom? But the truth is that people don’t fully know themselves, their needs and what goes on in their minds on a daily basis. To be aware of one’s feelings and the psychological patterns that guide us, one needs to have some developed knowledge.

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As adults, we know much more about ourselves than teenagers, so it definitely takes time. This type of knowledge can also relate to emotional intelligence, or how we recognize other people’s emotions and our own. Do you often feel like you don’t understand others? Are you unable to control your emotions? Do you know what you are afraid of? This is all self-knowledge and awareness that is very useful in life.

Linguistic skills

Of course, an important part of a person’s daily functioning is his ability to communicate and read. That’s why at school we learn letters at the beginning, read and recite a lot. Nowadays it would be hard to survive without these skills. What kind of vocabulary you have, whether you have a good understanding of the context and meaning of a text, how much you read and what you read – all this can translate into your overall wisdom.


 You don’t have to be a language master to be recognized as smart in this area. Sometimes all you need is to read a lot, what you simply enjoy, Reading in itself has a positive effect on our language skills. It increases our level of knowledge and brain efficiency. In order for our brain to work well, it needs to be stimulated regularly if only by reading.

Mathematical-logical skills

Some people fear this type the most. Mathematics is a special skill and many of us have problems with it, especially when learning more advanced equations. However, in everyday life, only the basics are important, unless you have decided to become an accountant. But it’s not just counting and doing equations that matter here, logical thinking is also important.

This is the ability to use information. It is mainly about inference, that is, on the basis of the relevant factors to come to specific conclusions. Mathematics helps develop logical thinking. Our logical conundrums can eventually be represented like mathematical equations. For example, we can know that a broken vase + mom = grounded for a week. Therefore, you can see that math has broader applications and helps us develop throughout our lives, so it might be worth focusing on lessons.

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Other skills

The three essential types of wisdom are listed above, but that’s not all. There are also many more categories in which you can excel. For example, physical mobility skills. Sportsmanship, agility and endurance are very useful skills, but this is something we can’t thoroughly explore.

 So are musical and rhythmic skills. Playing an instrument, singing or dancing requires different skills, and not all of us are able to learn it. Understanding music for some people is beyond comprehension because it is not so logical and obvious. Sensing music can be very difficult.


There is also visual-spatial intelligence, which requires using specific parts of the brain. Determining size and perspective well can also make it difficult for us sometimes.

Well, and we also have natural intelligence, which means general knowledge of how the world works and the processes that occur in it. If you had a hard time understanding plant photosynthesis, then perhaps this kind is not your best side. But rest assured, our Am I Smart Quiz will cover all types of wisdom, so you’re sure to excel at something!

How to be smarter?

If you want to prepare properly for the Am I Smart Quiz, or the test results do not satisfy you, you can always try to practice on your wisdom. Intelligence is something we have to work out for ourselves. We may have some genetic predisposition to be smart, but in general the biggest influence on us is our environment and whether we ourselves are curious about the world.

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What we do with our leisure time matters. Sometimes it’s worth using that time better and developing ourselves. Here are a few habits you can put into practice and increase your intelligence by doing so. All you need to do is perform some of these exercises regularly.

  • Solving crossword puzzles – you may associate it with an activity for old people, but solving crossword puzzles will increase your general knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Sudoku – maybe you’re terrified of sudoku because you could never understand what it’s all about. But once you learn it, you will greatly develop your logic skills.
  • Regular reading – you can read anything, novels, books, articles on the Internet. But reading in itself is really a great value for our brain.
  • Strategy games – video games are not worthless, they also positively stimulate the brain, especially those that require strategic thinking. This will enhance your management and planning skills.
  • Sports – also exercise has a positive effect on overall brain function, so it’s worth having at least one sport to stick to. Even simple walks could be enough if you don’t like sports.
  • Exercise self-awareness – getting to know ourselves is also essential, so we will know our weaknesses and how to deal with them. It is worth analyzing your thoughts, emotions and fears.

With these exercises, you are sure to significantly develop the efficiency of your brain. If you care about being smart and handling problems better, then be sure to put these habits into practice. It will definitely be useful for you!

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Now you are ready to take our Am I Smart Quiz. Then get to it! Maybe we should also make tests like Am I Smart Quiz For My Age or How Smart Am I For My Age Quiz?

Does this Am I Smart Quiz measure only general intelligence?

This test measures different types of intelligence and abilities.

Are there questions with pictures in this quiz?

Yes, the quiz also includes questions with pictures.

Can this quiz be taken by children as well?

This Am I Smart Quiz may have too high a level for kids.

How many levels of smartness are there in the results of this smart test quiz?

There are four levels of smartness, check which one you belong to!

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