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You Bumped A Car At Parking Lot But The Owner Is Nowhere To Be Seen. What Do You Do?

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Do You Feel Overwhelmed When There Are Many Things To Do?

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Can You Tell If Someone Is About To Cry?

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Do You Show Up On Time At Work Or School?

Do You Cry While Watching Sad Movies?

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How Sensitive Are You?

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Which Place To Live Appeals To You Most?

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Do You Feel Weary And Angsty After Being Around Negative People?

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Do You Know If Someone Is Depressed By Looking At Them?

Do You Experience Emotional And Sensory Overload?

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You Are In The City Center And Notice A Homeless Person. How Does It Make You Feel?

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Do Other People Tell You That You Are Too Emotional?

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You Were Clumsy At Your Friend's House And Broke Something By Accident. How Do You Act?

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How Often Do You Try To Read Between The Lines In Everyday Life?

Do You Donate To Charity?

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Do You Find It Difficult To Fit In A Group?

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Do Arguments Make You Feel Tired?

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Do You Sense Energy From People And Animals?

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Do You Offer Seat To The Elderly On Public Transport?

How Often Other People Ask You For Advice?

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Empath Test
Wizard Empath
You are a full-fledged empath. You effortlessly understand others feelings and have high connection to the world around you. Truly, some magic must be at work.


Expert Empath
You have great understanding of other people's needs and emotions. It's very possible that you may be an empath.

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Acolyte Empath
You probably are not an empath but manifest some connection to your surroundings and other people. Sometimes you struggle to understand what others feel and think but has a potential to become very empathetic person.

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Newbie Empath
You have hard time figuring out what is going on in other people's head. You are not an empath but don't worry! Everyone can learn how to be empathetic and recognize social cues. With time, you can surely master the art of empathy.

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Welcome back! How are you? Would you like to solve some exciting quizzes? In today’s Empath Test we combine usefulness with pleasure. Answer all of the 20 questions we prepared for you and find out what it means to be an empath. Do you think you are one? Only one way to find out!

Before you start the quiz, we welcome you to read our analysis of empaths and empathy. Not many people can tell the difference between having empathy and being an actual empath. It’s very easy to confuse these two terms! And what is more, many of us already use them interchangeably. Whether you are an empathetic person or an empath depends on a good number of factors. Learn the difference in our Empath Test and have fun!

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Am I An Empath?

In today’s Empath Test we tackle the topic of empaths and empathy. So what kind of people are empaths? What skills do they possess?

According to Dr. Judith Orloff, the empath expert, empaths are those who are able to sense positive and negative feelings of other people and then experience them as their own. “Emotional sponges” is what she calls them. We may understand this term as a lack of filters which prevent all kinds of stimuli from overwhelming our minds. Empaths don’t have that kind of protection which makes them experience the world in a much different manner. Their higher sensitivity also applies to sounds, smells, and touch. Because of that, empaths may face problems and feel uncomfortable in some situations, such as crowded places or vibrant cities.

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Empath – Master Of Empathy

Being an empath means having a lot of empathy. Understanding what others feel and experience is very common among empaths. This, however, does not work both ways. Empathy can be learned, and those who possess it may not be empaths themselves. It’s worth noting that empaths manifest much greater empathy than ordinary people. They can sense emotions in their full glory and, as a result, understand other people better. The happiness and suffering of the outside world are reflected in them as if they were mirrors. If empaths spend too much time around depressed people, they also become depressed. Because of that, they prefer to surround themselves with those who are happy and joyful. Doesn’t it sound wonderful to always share joy with your family and friends? Indeed, empaths can switch from bad to great mood quite quickly. Unfortunately, it also has disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of being an empath.

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Empath

As mentioned before, deeper emotional understanding grants empaths a unique perspective and deepened connection to the world. This results in wonderful as well as unpleasant experiences.


  • One of the benefits of being an empath is good intuition. Empaths can learn a lot from subtle cues and, in result, easily notice that something is not right. They can discern truth from false based on very little information. This gives them an opportunity to provide insights on a given person or situation
  • Because of their perception, others often ask them for advice. They are valuable friends who can help in an otherwise unsolvable dilemma. Deep connection with others also makes them good listeners and emotional supporters.
  • Another perk of being an empath is finding joy and serenity in solitude. Empaths love spending time just by themselves which allows them to relax and recharge their inner batteries. They adore nature and find peace in quiet places.


  • Because empaths absorb positive and negative energy around them, they tend to feel overwhelmed and angsty. Sometimes they can have a hard time processing incoming stimuli and need to seek isolation. This, however, poses a danger of becoming a lone wolf avoiding social interactions. If you think you are an empath, remember to not stay alone for too long, as it may negatively impact your social life.
  • Insightful empaths possess more knowledge of their family and friends than regular people. This may lead to relationship and friendship issues. If you tell your close ones something they are not ready to hear it may not work well for you. Empaths need to be careful when sharing their observations.
  • Empaths also don’t do well during arguments. Squabbles and fights exhaust them quickly which lowers their chances of proving their point or getting what they want. They can give up easily and agree to the unsatisfactory terms just to be done with it. If they find themselves in a bad crowd, they can be taken advantage of more easily than non-empath people.

  • Another downside of being an empath is trouble to fit in. Others may often not understand why an empath stresses and tires themself so quickly. Because empaths cannot easily relate to other people, they keep their social circles small and avoid getting to know new friends. Problems with fitting in may lead to bad moods and, in extreme situations, anxiety, or even depression. It’s important for an empath to accept themselves as they are and not give up while making friends  – we all struggle in relationships but in different ways.